Earn a discount on your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Oct 19, 2022, 12:00:00 PM

It’s Time to Earn a Discount on your Thanksgiving Turkey! 

Our Turkey vouchers have gone digital! Each time you shop with us you can earn a discount toward your Thanksgiving Turkey. Use your Midway Rewards phone number each time you shop to start earning your discount today. You can spend and earn your turkey discount starting October 19th-November 26th. See the chart below to view how much you can earn. Happy Thanksgiving!   

Between now and Thanksgiving you can earn big savings on your Turkey! You can track your turkey savings and how much you have earned on our receipt or on your Midway Rewards account on our website.

  •  Spend $100 to $199 to earn $2 off 
  • Spend $200 to $299 to earn $4 off 
  • Spend $300 to $399 to earn $6 off 
  • Spend $400 to $499 to earn $8 off 
  • Spend $500-$599=$10 off
  • Spend $600-$699=$12 off
  • Spend $700-$799= $14 off
  • Spend $800 & up=$20 off